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Welcome to F.AGR.i. Filiera Agricola Italiana, your premier destination for all things about agriculture Industrial production in Italy. The F.AGR.i.. was established in 1995 in Rome by a large group of professionals in the agricultural sector at the national level who felt the need to make an effective and enduring contribution to agriculture and the surrounding trade union world. We are proud to be guided by a network of 72 regional branches and offices, led by dedicated presidents and their skilled teams. Their relentless work ensures our collective strength, spanning from Tuscany to Sicily, empowering our over 110,000 members, including more than 70,000 trusted companies.

F.AGR.i., which is a non-profit organization, draws inspiration from the values of the social doctrine of the Christian Church, reaffirming in its actions the dignity of the human person and committing itself to promoting a culture of solidarity. Furthermore, F.AGR.i.. guides its actions towards measures aimed at enhancing Italian agriculture in all its professional and territorial expressions, ensuring full recognition of the moral and cultural values that underpin the civilization of peoples.

Explore our website to access valuable services, stay informed about upcoming events, and discover innovative projects driving progress in agriculture and production. Join us at F.AGR.i. Italy as we forge ahead, blending tradition with cutting-edge technology to empower and elevate our members.

Together, let's shape the future of agriculture and production in Italy.
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