Member Services


Comprehensive Membership Services

Join F.AGR.i. as a member to access our comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of agricultural professionals.

Assistance with Unique Inquiries:

  • Handle inquiries through AGEA or other regional paying bodies Provide support for PSR (Rural Development Program) consultations

Financial Management:

  • Complete company accounting management with annual financial statement preparation Manage payroll (UNIEMENS or DMAG) for employees Prepare income tax returns and declarations (ISE, ISEE, ISEU)

Pension and Benefit Support:

  • Assist with pension applications (old-age, seniority, survivor) Facilitate family allowance and maternity benefit applications Become a member today to benefit from these essential services and more.

Specialized Agricultural Services

Enhance your agricultural operations with specialized support from F.AGR.i. designed to optimize productivity and compliance.

Operational Support:

  • Manage immigrant passport issues and agricultural unemployment applications. Handle INPS contributions and pensioner management

Training and Development:

  • Access law-certified training courses and UMA (Agricultural Motor Users) booklet services

Business Assistance:

  • Receive assistance for agritourism ventures and organic farming initiatives. Join our community of agricultural professionals to unlock these specialized services and accelerate your success.

Financial and Export Assistance

Expand your market reach and secure financial stability with F.AGR.i.'s dedicated financial and export support services.

Financial Planning:

  • Prepare financing applications for non-repayable funds and low-interest rate financing Develop insurance policies for property and life

Export Facilitation:

  • Manage dairy sector practices and facilitate import/export processes Partner with F.AGR.i. to tap into new opportunities and navigate financial challenges effectively.