Administration and Management

Our Administration and Management department serves as the guiding force behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth operation of our association. From strategic planning to budget oversight and personnel management, this team provides the leadership necessary to steer us toward our goals. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, they uphold the standards of professionalism and efficiency that define us.


Membership Services

Welcome to our Membership Services department, where our members come first. Here, we handle everything related to membership, from applications and renewals to inquiries and support. But we're more than just a membership office—we're a community hub, organizing events, meetings, and networking opportunities to foster connections and collaboration among our members.


Advocacy and Government Relations

In our Advocacy and Government Relations department, we're champions for the interests of farmers and producers. Whether we're engaging with policymakers, government agencies, or other stakeholders, our goal is clear: to advocate for policies and regulations that support our members and their livelihoods. Through strategic lobbying efforts and effective communication, we're making our voices heard and driving positive change.


Marketing and Communications

Welcome to our Marketing and Communications hub, where creativity meets strategy to amplify our message. From developing innovative marketing campaigns to managing our digital presence, this team is dedicated to spreading the word about our association and the work we do. With a focus on engaging our audience and building meaningful connections, we're shaping the narrative and building brand loyalty.


Education and Training

At the heart of our association lies our Education and Training department, dedicated to the professional development and growth of our members. Through a variety of educational programs, workshops, and training sessions, we empower our members with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. From staying informed about industry trends to mastering best practices, our commitment to education knows no bounds.


Digital Innovation and Planning

Step into the future with our Digital Innovation and Planning department, where technology meets strategy to drive our association forward. From harnessing the latest digital tools to planning and implementing innovative solutions, this team is at the forefront of change. With a focus on leveraging data and analytics to optimize operations and enhance member experiences, we're shaping the future of farming and production.