F.AGR.i. Services for Non-Members and External Organizations


Consultation and Advocacy Services

Gain valuable insights and advocacy support from F.AGR.i. to navigate agricultural policies and industry challenges.

Policy Consultation:

  • Consult on agricultural policies and practices Interact with regulatory bodies and regional authorities Connect with us to leverage our expertise and network for effective consultation and advocacy.

Training and Education

Invest in professional development with F.AGR.i.'s training and education programs tailored for agricultural stakeholders.

Professional Training:

  • Enroll in law-certified training courses and participate in seminars Join our educational initiatives to stay updated on the latest agricultural practices and advancements.

Market Development and Coordination

Accelerate market entry and coordination efforts with F.AGR.i.'s strategic support for agricultural market development.

Market Facilitation:

  • Facilitate market entry and export assistance for agricultural products Coordinate activities with local crafts, commerce, and tourism sectors Partner with F.AGR.i. to streamline market access and foster collaboration across sectors.

These tailored service packages from F.AGR.i. are designed to empower agricultural professionals and external stakeholders alike. Contact us today to explore membership benefits or inquire about customized services for your organization's needs.